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AB Tasty APP

Saas application


B to B


Full SAAS App design


3 months


Paris, France

About the project

AB Tasty is one of the most successful startup of the French Tech. 2015-2016 was an important turn with a complete redesign of the client side interface and the launch of a new product AB Tasty for Apps.  I was in charge of the complete UX and UI redesign, we added new features with the developement team and worked together to het this new dashboard interface.

Mockups & prototyping

UX research


We spent a lot of time sketching and protoyping interface with the product team. As a designer my first material is paper and a pen, but i also like the simplicity of mokcups.

Mockups & prototyping ...

... To final Design

The UI Guidelines


The identity was defined for a long time at AB Tasty. The UI use the main company colors with a new typographc identity. We also redefined a lot of UI elements as forms, button and states etc etc

A few more UI elements

The dashboard Home

A new way to organize your tests