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UX Research - UX Copy Writter - UI Designer - Design Consultant

Romain DAO | Freelance UX UI Designer

Hi there ! my name is Romain i’m a french UX UI Designer with 8 years of experience currently living in Paris. Please feel free to have a look at my work, my website is under construction new projects will be added soon !

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Let’s go further  ! 

There are many thing I can do for you let’s see how we can solve your problem together !

UX Research

User interview – Focus group – Journey Map – UX Process

Scaling your product might be a difficult task, moreover when you don’t know who your users are. The first UX steps are very important and will help you building the right product. Here is what we can set up together depending on your project needs.

  • Focus Group
  • User Interview
  • Journey Map – Personas …
  • UX Application architecture
  • User flow analysis through app like Hotjar

UI Design

Design System creation – Interface Design – Experience Design

Designing is like coding today, you share, you merge, you use symbols as they use components. You work on a Design system system who has to be build and maintain. But wait … Do you know what a Design system is ? And why you need one ? Did you know you have to use a versioning app to keep control ?

  • Design System creation & maintenance
  • Tools requirement for MVP
  • UI animation & CSS/SASS integration
  • Prototyping & UI softwares formation (Sketch, FiIgma, XD …)

My services


UX Design


I can help you as an experience designer, to understand your users needs which might be sometimes a bit different than what you had in mind. Human is a complex things and UX is not only « The 3 clicks rule » Trust me !



UI Design


UI Design is no solely the painting but the unicity of your design. Keeping it clean and clear is not an easy task. A lot of tools can help you improving your flow depending on your needs and which state of your product your are, but there is definitively one for sure !


How set up your Design process ? Where to begin when you’re start thinking about how include an UX designer to your product team ?

Are all designers  « an artist with a huge ego I can’t hurt ? » If no, how talk to them in a productive way so we can build a better product ?